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In-Store Engagement Platform for Retailers. Add in-store smarts to your store or loyalty app

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Data, Analytics, Insight

Better data on customer actions, A/B tests + insights

Combine it all to get better insight to enhance basket size and margin by putting relevant offers in your customer's hands at just the right time.

Which offers work best? A/B test offers by day, time, store, customer profile

How often do they come to the store? When/What days and times?

Learn more about your customer? Male, female, social profile?


We're a small team of Proximity Nerds who believe that Proximity Matters.

We think that proximity should be as easy to use in apps and services as location has become. With LocalSocial, we're making that happen with an industry leading Proximity Platform that supports Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE), Bluetooth, WiFI and NFC. And we're passionate about retail as a great area where proximity makes sense and adds value.

At LocalSocial we've been working in proximity for a while. We built the industry-leading implementation of Java/Bluetooth APIs (JSR82) which has shipped on over 300M mobile phones to date.

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